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Green Deal cashback payment guide

(Please note that loft insulation (including top up) and cavity wall insulation (where applicable), are considered to be amongst the most important measures. Where these are recommended alongside other measures, these will have to be installed or no Cashback can be paid.)

Higher levels of Cashback for early adopters is limited to £40m and so you should apply now. Up to £125m is available, but at lower rates once the initial tranche of £40m has been spent.

Measure Cashback

Loft insulation
Cavity wall insulation (minimum of 50% external walls to be insulated to qualify)
Solid wall insulation
Flat roof insulation
Room in roof insulation
Floor insulation
Hot water cylinder insulation
Draught proofing
Heating controls (cannot be claimed at the same time as boiler replacement)
Condensing oil boiler from non condensing oil heating or other **
Upgrade boiler to condensing gas boiler from non condensing boiler or other
Flue gas heat recovery (condensing combi boiler) only alongside replacement boiler
New or replacement storage heaters
Replacement warm-air unit
Waste water heat recovery systems
Double/triple glazing
High performance replacement doors
Secondary glazing

** Off grid households should consider their renewable heat options as higher payments may be available via Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme.


£20 per sq m to max of £320
£15 per sq m to max of £230