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'Free' Solar Panels?

Should you not wish to go through Green Deal, the alternative is arranging installation yourself (this must be via an accredited installer) and funding with a low cost loan. You can then use the Feed in Tariff and Generation Tariff to pay off the loan and of course take advantage of the free electricity generated.

In this case, you will own the equipment outright, the FiT payments should cover the loan repayments for the first year and then more than cover them in subsequent years. 

Or you can take advantage of the so called 'rent-a-roof' scheme whereby your installation is funded by an investor, who will then benefit from the Feed in Tariff and Generation Tariff payments rather than you. You would of course benefit from the free electricity generated.

If you complete the form below we will provide your details to a single accredited organisation, who can advise you and then both install the equipment and also arrange affordable funding for you.

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