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The home owner and the Green Deal.

Commercial and domestic properties across the United Kingdom waste in the region of £3 billion of energy per year. Not only is this wasteful, but is deemed to be detrimental to the health of the planet, causing climate change. It also uses valuable resources we should not be squandering, but should be leaving to future generations.

The Green Deal intends to help residents in the UK to bring this hugely wasteful figure down, by implementing various energy saving measures. These will include for the first time, solid wall insulation. Other measures include the provision of solar energy installations, renewable energy such as bio-mass heating, energy efficient devices such as new generation gas boilers etc.

All installations have to be accredited by the government and be energy efficient as well as lowering the energy costs for the home owner.

The Green Deal proposal is set to benefit millions of homeowners and tenants living in the UK, by providing an affordable repayment plan, giving everyone the option of living in more energy efficient houses, whilst paying out no more than they would have done before the measures were implemented.

Green Deal Cashback.

£120million in government cashback for adopters of Green Deal has been announced, with early adopters getting higher levels. Cashback levels will depend on the measures taken and the number of measures and could be worth up to £1000 per household.

In order to get in at the beginning you may register your interest now. We'll keep your details on file until such time that we can take action to inform you of what is on offer and invite you to apply for various energy efficiency measures. There is no obligation at this point and we promise not to distribute your contact details to anyone excepting those who will be providing the measures or handling the funding. (Apply HERE.)


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